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Looking for a job and start your career?  Or searching for a better job opportunity? 

At Cybernetics Robo Limited, we regularly look for young, talented, enthusiastic individuals and offer part-time and full time jobs with attractive benefits. If you believe yourself to be honest, dedicated, hardworking, trusted and a team player then keep your eyes on this page for new job offers! We might be looking just for you !! 

Also, we offer both paid / voluntary internships for students to gain real-world experiences before they enter their professional life. If you’re willing to enrich yourself with professional work experience alongside your studies then, feel free to contact us!

Programming teacher

Announcement Date : January, 2024

Job Type : Full Time / Part Time (Full-time is preferable)

No. of Vacancies : 01

Application Deadline : ASAP (will be closed as soon as we get the suitable candidate)


Basic Requirements –

    • Possess dynamic personality & willing to build carrer in teaching
    • Excellent practical knowledge on Python, C and Scratch Programming
    • Passionate about teaching and comfortable working with children
    • Have knowledge on vaious Programming Contests
    • Knowledge on Arduino Coding will be considered as a great advantage

Send Your CV to : jobs [ at ] cyberneticsrobo [dot] com


Jr. Hardware Engineer

Announcement Date : July, 2023

Job Type : Full Time / Part Time

No. of Vacancies : 01

Application Deadline : ASAP (will be closed as soon as we get the suitable candidate)


Basic Requirements –

    • Excellent practical knowledge on Arduino and other electronics / robotics components and their usages
    • Excellent knowledge on PCB Design & Fabrication
    • Passionate about teaching (The role involves teaching to youngsters)
    • Eager to learn and a team player
    • Knowledge on 3D modelling & printing will be considered as an advantage

Send Your CV to : jobs [ at ] cyberneticsrobo [dot] com

recruitment-hiring-jobs-sylhet-bangladesh- jr-hardware engineer

Academic coordinator

Announcement Date : August, 2022

Job Type : Full Time

Application Deadline : Aug 24, 2022

No. of Vacancies : 01

To see details and apply, please click the button below. 

Job Recruitment - Academic Coordinator at Cybernetics Robo Limited

Sales Executive

Announcement Date : August, 2022

Job Type : Contractual / Commission Based

Application Deadline : Walk In Interview (Ongoing)

Job Recruitment - Hiring - Sales Executive at Cybernetics Robo Limited

Teacher (Programming)

Announcement Date : May 17, 2022

Job Type : Part Time / Full Time

Application Deadline : Closed

No. of Vacancies : 05

To see details and apply, please click the button below. 

Job Recruitement - Hiring - Programming Teacher

Robotics Instructor


Announcement Date : August 22, 2021

Job Type : Part Time

Application Deadline : Ongoing

To see details and apply, please click the button below.  

Job Recruitment - Hiring - Robotics Instructor

Junior Robotics Engineer


Job Type : Full Time

Application Deadline : February 26, 2020

For details and to apply, please click the button below. (Note: Freshers are highly encouraged to apply)  

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What types of job do you offer?

We offer both part-time and full-time jobs. We also offer contractual work (project-based) as well.

How long does the selection process take?

We try to appoint as soon as possible after the job advertisement are announced. Many times we do not specify the application submission deadline and stop taking applications immediately after we get the suitable candidate. So, our advice is to submit your application as the earliest time possible or might miss the opportunity even if you’re qualified for the post.

What is the selection process for job candidates?

Generally, we process applications soon after we receive them. There is no written test. In almost all cases, we short-list candidates and only invite them for interviews.

How do I start working if i am selected to join?

A selected candidate has to go through a training / observation period (usually 1-3 months). After satisfactory completion of the training period, the candidate is offered a permanent position in the company.

I am a student. can i apply for a job?

Sure. Students are always welcome to apply. Actually, we strongly encourage students to apply for our part-time jobs. Working in a real-world business will help you gain professional experience, develop transferable skills, networking opportunities. Working while studying can help you develop interpersonal skills and become more confident. Many of our part-time employees become permanent full-time employees after they graduate!

when and How will i get paid?

Generally, payments are made at the end of every month. Most payments are made via bank cheques. So, every employee (both part-time and full-time) need to have a bank account and provide us with their bank details.

Any advice for job applicants?

Before anything else, read and understand the job adverts properly! Make sure you feel comfortable for the position you are going to apply. We expect that, all applicants does a bit of research about us and get clear idea on where they’re going to apply. Passion and dedication for the job is extremely important. Make sure you really want to build your professional career on the position you’re going to apply. Here at Cybernetics Robo Limited, we truly work as a team and look for each other and the company. Pay special attention on the ‘how to apply section’ of the advert. Many times we have no option but to reject applications as the concerned applicants do not follow the rules stated in the advertisements.