Industrial Training-at Cybernetics Robo -Bangladesh

Industrial Training

Industrial training is an essential pathway for honing technical skills and gaining valuable experience in a field. Cybernetics Robo Ltd. (CRL) is committed to provide quality training for students and professionals.  CRL has a number of collaboration agreements among different educational institutions to provide practical industrial training to their students through Cybernetics Technical Institute (a division of Cybernetics Robo Ltd.) . These training sessions are aimed at students to build their confidence, have better understanding on various theoretical concepts, develop technical skills and get a taste of real world work experience on different technical and engineering subjects.

Industrial training is an incredibly important opportunity for those looking to gain hands-on experience in a specific field or industry. Not only does it provide trainees with essential practical skills, but it also can lead to career advancement and personal growth.

Training Schedule and Other Information


1. Sylhet Technical School & College, Sylhet

Madan Mohan College, Sylhet, Bangladesh

2. Madan Mohan College, Sylhet