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Know all the secrets and be an Expert! Get admission and start your IT learning with the best resources & instructors in Microsoft Office, Graphics Design (Photoshop / Illustrator), Web Development and other professional courses and workshops.  We are the first in Bangladesh offering HSC ICT course with practical labs using specially designed ICT Kits. Strengthen your understandings on electronics and electronics circuits and experiment with different types of logic gates, flip-flops, truth-tables and logical expressions. This ICT Kit is suitable for all students of school, college, and university! 

Enroll to any of our specially designed courses today and prepare yourself to confidently deal with future challenges with the use of modern and updated technologies! 

Courses Offered by Cybernetics Technical Institute

Regular Courses

Course NameNo. of ClassesCourse Fee
HSC ICT (Free digital ICT kit included) 25BDT 6,500
Office Applications (MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Google Sheets) 24BDT 6,000
Graphics Design (Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, MS PowerPoint) 25BDT 8,500

Modular Skill-based Courses

Course NameNo. of ClassesCourse Duration
Data Entry Operations10 1 month
Basic IT Operations 10 1 month
Graphics Design 10 1 month
Computer Office Applications 10 1 month
Basic PCB Design & Fabrication 10 1 month
Fundamentals of 3D Modelling & Printing 10 1 month
HSC ICT 12 1 month

HSC ICT Course - HSC examination result - SSC examination result

HSC ICT Course (with specially designed ICT KIT for practical experiments!)

This is an ideal course for college students and candidates of Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) examination. Have you just finished and waiting for SSC Result? Well, this course is also suitable for students who have just completed their Secondary School Certificate (SSC) examination and waiting for the results. The ICT subject is one of the courses in HSC examination where the grade A+ can be easily achieved if studied with proper guidance!

We offer this course both offline and online and for the first time in Bangladesh, we have introduced the course with digital contents and practical labs with our special ICT Kit specifically developed for this purpose. With this ICT kit, students can practically observe the input-output behavior of different logic gates and flip-flops. They can also do different types of experiments and have a much better and deeper understanding of the topics. 

Currently, enrollment is open for students in ‘HSC ICT’ course who are going to sit for the HSC examination in 2023-2024. To enroll, scroll down and fill up the given form with your information. After you submit the form, a representative from us will contact you and will provide you with all the necessary details about the course.

Total number of Classes: 25       Course Fee: BDT. 6,500/-

If you wish, you can also buy our special ICT KIT separately from  

Best Course on Microsoft Office in Bangladesh

MICROSOFT OFFICE (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Google Sheets)

Nothing to introduce newly with one of the most used software used in office environments all around the world! With user-friendly features that enable easy and safe information sharing, Microsoft Office products help enhance job efficiency. Microsoft Office programs offer tools for presenting data in a professional manner that are compatible with a wide range of operating systems.

Whether you’re willing to improve your Microsoft Office skills for personal use, starting a new career, or advancing your career, Cybernetics IT Institute provides the best Microsoft Office training that will meet your needs.

Our specially designed ‘Microsoft Office’ course is designed to engage students in real-world settings so that you or your team can apply what you’ve learned to everyday problems. In fact, nearly 97 percent of our students say they are more productive on the job.

Total number of Classes: 24       Course Fee: BDT. 6,000/-

GRAPHICS DESIGN (Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, MS PowerPoint)

The primary goal of this course is to teach how to use graphic design tools and techniques in a professional manner. Graphic design plays a very important in developing a company’s brand identity. To represent a company, brand, or any type of product or service, it must be conceptual and original. The lesson is meant to cover all aspects of Graphic Design and is especially useful for newcomers who are looking to get started. This specially designed course covers both design concepts and use of appropriate design tools.

Total number of Classes: 25       Course Fee: BDT. 8,500/-

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