We provide courses to students from Class III to University level. Following are the courses we offer –

GroupCourse / WorkshopTotal Number of ClassDuration of Each ClassTotal LengthFee
Class 3-7Programming for Kids (Online)121.5 hours2 monthsBDT 2,500
Class 3-7Electronics For Kids I (Online)121.5 hours6 weeksBDT 3,000
Class 3-7Robotics for Kids (Online)TBATBATBATBA
Class 3-8School Computer Programming I (Online)12-141.5 hours2 monthsBDT 3,000
Class 3-8School Computer Programming II (Online)15-181.5 hours2.5 monthsBDT 4,500
Class 3-7Electronics For Kids I61 hour2 weeksBDT 1,850
Class 3-7Electronics For Kids II121 hour1 monthBDT 3,000
Class 3-7Programming for Kids 101 hour3 weeksBDT 3,000
Class 6-10Junior School Programming & Robotics162 hours2 monthsBDT 6,500
Class 8 - UniversityQuadcopter / Drone Making52 hours1 weekBDT 4,500
Class 9 - University3D Printing & Design33 hours1 weekBDT 7,000
Class 11-12College Programming & Robotics162 hours2 monthsBDT 7,500
Class 11-12College Programming & ICTTBATBATBATBA
Class 11 - UniversityAndroid App Development242 hours2 monthsBDT 12,500
Class 11 - UniversityJava + Android App Development482 hours4 monthsBDT 22,000
Class 11 - UniversityInternet of Things (IoT)TBATBATBATBA
Class 8 - UniversityBasic Web Design & DevelopmentTBATBATBATBA
Class 11 - UniversityProfessional Web Design & Development362 hours3 monthsBDT 13,000
Open for AllSchool / College / University Project MentoringDepends on ProjectDepends on ProjectDepends on ProjectDepends on Project
electronics for kids
kids makin line following robot
class- Line following robot
Kid making circuit
Electronics for Kids (Online)
young girl making circuit


To increase awareness and motivate the new generations into modern technology like Robotics & AI, cybernetics robo academy offers free seminars and workshops to various academic institutions and training centers. So far, we have had great success at Govt. Agragami Girl’s High School, Ideal School & College, Sylhet, Govt. Pilot High School and Muhibur Rahman Academy. Recently, a group of students and teachers from Bangladesh Army University of Engineering & Technology, Natore, visited our academy as part of their study tour.

robotics workshop
school programming and robotics workshop
Campus visit
school robotics workshop