Coding and Robotics For Kids at Cybernetics Robo Academy

Coding, Electronics and Robotics courses for children and youngsters

Unlock the future with our exciting and educational Coding, Electronics and Robotics courses for children and youngsters! STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) based courses like kids computing, computer programming (coding), electronics, robotics etc. are offered for children of age 6 and upwards under our academy division  ‘Cybernetics Robo Academy’. We are very careful about providing world class quality education. Our courses are carefully designed by experienced academics, experts in relevant fields and only the best instructors with real world IT experience and coding conduct our courses. In addition, all our classes are closely monitored and evaluated by experts to ensure quality education. 

Our instructors are extremely friendly and energetic and understands the needs of the young, curious minds. Courses are available both offline (campus based) and online. Online classes are conducted using Google Meet.  

Our programming courses include Python ProgrammingC Programming, C++ Programming, Java Programming, Scratch Programming etc.  Scroll down to see details on the courses we offer. Besides our regular courses, we also conduct practical workshops on various topics like ‘3D Modeling and Printing’ that let children become capable of thinking critically and solving real-world problems through design and engineering. 

Kids Computing class at Cybernetics Robo Academy Bangladesh
Coding For Kids at Cybernetics Robo Academy
Electronics For Kids at Cybernetics Robo Academy

Kids Computing

Duration : 6 Months

Fee: Tk. 2,000 / month

Programming For Kids (Coding For Kids)

Duration : 4 Months

Fee: Tk. 2,200 / month

Electronics For Kids

Duration : 3 Months

Fee: Tk. 3,000 / month

Robotics For Kids - Cybernetics Robo Academy Bangladesh
Python Programming - Cybernetics Robo Academy
Basic Robotics at Cybernetics Robo Academy Bangladesh

Robotics For Kids

Duration : 4 Months

Fee: Tk. 3,200 / month

School Computer Programming

Duration : 4 Months

Fee: Tk. 3,500 / month

Basic Robotics

Duration : 3 Months

Fee: Tk. 6,000 / month

Programming Contest - Competitive Programming - Cybernetics Robo Academy
Coders Camp - Cybernetics Robo Academy Bangladesh
3d modelling and printing at Cybernetics Robo Academy

Competitive Programming

Duration : Continuous

Fee: Tk. 4,000 / month

Coders Camp

Duration : Continuous

Fee: Tk. 1,500 / month

3D Modelling & Printing

Duration : 1 Month

Fee: Tk. 9,500 /-

Course Details

GroupCourse / WorkshopDuration of Each ClassTotal LengthFee
KG 1 - Class 4Kids Computing 12 hours6 monthsBDT 2,000 / month
KG 1 - Class 4Kids Computing 22 hours6 monthsBDT 2,200 / month
KG 1 - Class 6Kids Computing Club1.5 hoursContinuousBDT 1,250 / month
Class 1-3Programming For Kids (Junior)2 hours4 monthsBDT 2200 / month
Class 4-8Programming For Kids 2 hours4 monthsBDT 2200 / month
Class 4 - 6Programming Club1.5 hoursContinuousBDT 1,250 / month
Class 4-8Electronics For Kids I2 hours3 monthsBDT 3,000 / month
Class 4 - 8Electronics Club1.5 hoursContinuousBDT 1,250 / month
Class 6-8Robotics For Kids1.5 hours4 monthsBDT 3,200 / month
Class 6 - 12Robotics Club2 hoursContinuousBDT 1,500 / month
Class 6-12School Computer Programming 11.5 hours4 monthsBDT 3,500 / month
Class 6-12School Computer Programming 21.5 hours4 monthsBDT 3,800 / month
Class 6 - 12Coders Camp2 hoursContinuousBDT 1,500 / month
Class 6 - 12Competitive Programming2 hoursContinuousBDT 4,000 / month
Class 8 - University3D Printing & Design2 hours1 monthBDT 9,500
Class 11 - UniversityInternet of Things (IoT)TBATBATBA
Class 11 - UniversityJava + Android App DevelopmentTBATBATBA
Open for AllSchool / College / University Project MentoringDepends on ProjectDepends on ProjectDepends on Project

Our hands-on curriculum is designed to spark creativity and ignite passions, teaching students the basics of programming and robotics, while also encouraging critical thinking and problem-solving skills. With a variety of projects to choose from, our courses offer something for everyone, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced coder. From coding animations and games to building and programming robots, the possibilities are endless! Our experienced instructors are dedicated to making the learning experience fun and engaging, ensuring that each student gets the attention they need to succeed. Give your child the gift of a lifetime and enroll them in our Coding, Electronics and Robotics courses today!


Besides our coding courses for kids, to increase awareness and motivate the new generations into modern technology like Coding, Robotics & Artificial Intelligence, we offer free seminars and workshops to various academic institutions and training centers. So far, we have had great success at Govt. Agragami Girl’s High School, Ideal School & College, Sylhet, Govt. Pilot High School and Muhibur Rahman Academy. Recently, a group of students and teachers from Bangladesh Army University of Engineering & Technology, Natore, visited our academy as part of their study tour. 

We also offer courses and special training sessions with customized curriculum for schools and colleges. Please contact us if you are an academic or a school administrator and wish to gear up your students with the latest knowledge of programming, electronics and robotics.

robotics workshop
school programming and robotics workshop
Workshops on Programming and robotics
Campus visit
school robotics workshop

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Want to learn coding and be a programming hero? Then contact us to learn more!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you have any admission fee?

Not at all. We do not have any separate admission fees. You only pay for the courses your child enrolls in. 

When and how do I need to pay the course fees?

Payments are required in a monthly basis (1st month’s fee must be paid during admission). Special waivers may be availed if the total course fee is paid at once. Currently, payments can be made by cash or Bkash. 

Will I get certificate after completion of course?

Yes. All students are awarded certificates after successful completion of their courses. No additional fees are charged for certificates.

What is the minimum age for children to get enrolled in your academy?

Children of age six and above can get enrolled in our courses. We have a carefully designed curriculum suitable for various age ranges. For starters like children of age six, we generally suggest our ‘Kids Computing’ course which is fun to do and children enjoy that a lot.

How can I choose the right course for my kid?

No worries! Here at Cybernetics Robo Academy, we have expert academic councilors who can help you select the appropriate course for your child. All you have to do is to click the “Enroll / Request more information” button above and fill up the form. After you submit the form, an executive from our center will contact you (usually over phone) and discuss and suggest the best possible course for your child. Also, you can visit our campus and have a detailed discussion about it.

My child is 8 years old. Can he enroll to coding course?

We have had children of age eight who got enrolled and successfully completed our ‘Programming for Kids’ course. However, our experience says that kids of age ten years and above can grasp the concepts of programming and use them appropriately much better. So, generally speaking, since we do not want children to feel any kind of pressure during coding, we suggest that the candidate is at least ten years old to start coding in a classroom environment. 

When can my child start robotics?

Children can start learning about robotics at different ages, depending on their interests and level of development. our specially designed robotics course is generally suitable for children of age 10 years and above.

What is Coding for Kids?

Coding for kids is the process of introducing children to computer programming and helping them learn how to create and modify programs and algorithms. Coding can help kids develop problem-solving skills, logical thinking, and creativity, and it can also be a fun and engaging activity for children of all ages.

What is Scratch Programming?

Scratch is a high-level block based visual programming language developed by MIT Media Lab in 2007 focusing primarily at children as an educational tool for programming. Unlike traditional programming languages like C, Python etc. where the coder must write out the code in textual form, Scratch makes it easy to build interactive programs, stories, animations, games, etc. by connecting drag-n-drop visual code blocks together. Coding in Scratch is extremely enjoyable for young learners and helps them grow their interest in coding and their applications. It is a popular choice for introducing young people to programming and is used by educators, parents, and after-school programs around the world.

What is STEM and STEAM Education?

STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) and STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) are educational programs that focus on teaching and learning in specific subject areas. Both STEM and STEAM programs aim to prepare students for careers in science, technology, engineering, and math-related fields.

The main difference between STEM and STEAM is that STEM programs focus solely on science, technology, engineering, and math, while STEAM programs includes  ‘arts’ into the curriculum. The addition of the arts in STEAM programs is intended to encourage creativity and critical thinking, and to help students understand the connections between the different subject areas.

STEM and STEAM programs are often designed to be hands-on and experiential, with a focus on problem-solving and project-based learning. Some research has suggested that STEM and STEAM programs can be effective at improving student achievement and engagement. These programs can also help students develop important skills and knowledge that can be valuable in a wide range of careers. Computing, Coding, Electronics or Robotics 3D Modelling & Design, Python Programming, ICT etc. are all part of STEAM education.

Cybernetics Robo Ltd. is the first EdTech company in Sylhet, Bangladesh to work in the arena of STEM / STEAM education and products.